Singles you would have chosen for Eternity/Saint Vox

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Singles you would have chosen for Eternity/Saint Vox

Postby Joshorty » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:37 pm

It's so sad these albums never spawn many singles and barely any music videos. I thought we should just for fun, talk 'bout which singles in our opinion, would have been hits and would have been the right to be chosen across their promotional year.

My picks.

Wonderful World - A spring release, two months before the album. It's pretty obvious this song is the perfect song to start of the singles era of Eternity.

I WIll - I can see why the Korean market chooses this song kind of as their 2nd single. It's got that happy feeling but still dancey. I would have used this as a June - September single.

Only Human / So Deep < - An October Fall - December Winter release. I can't help but treat these two songs together as a double-A side single, not only 'cause of the tracklisting order from the album but it just slides so well together. It's probably because of my mental vision and ideas for a 2 part music video for these two (and I mean something completely original, not edited clips put together to sync with the song). I can easily imagine Only Human taking over the charts, creaming even So Deep 'cause this generation of music is all about electro dance music.

There's something so beautiful about Only Human at the same time and addictive and catchy. While Only Human will be 'dominating' the main Hot 100 chart (and maybe even sitting at No.1), So Deep will be a few numbers behind but at a descent level of rank. Not everyone's into ballads these days but it'll still get a good level of attention that it deserves, since it's a bittersweet beauty, radio-friendly and an ear pleasing masterpiece. Now what I'm about to say next, I don't mean to compare Jade's songs with Beyonce's beside each other literally, but think So Deep like how If I Were A Boy charted when Single Ladies was out the same time basically. Heck it could prove me wrong if it ranks up to no.2 behind Only Human (no.1).

These two songs could be the milestone for single sales, attention and reputation for Eternity, defining who they are as artists. They're not just all happy-sounding people heard from Wonderful World or I Will. They can be epic all the same.

Saint Vox

Don't Leave Me This Way - that's already settled from the time it was released. Mid November til January of next year. It's got the epic pop edge for the Winter release.

Electric -Jonetsu Tairiku- - I'm still iffy with this pick but for some reason, I think people would be jamming this song a lot on their radio or at home, parties whatever. But still somewhat iffy. It'll probably peak like at 40-50 on the Billboard Hot 100 I dunno lol.

No More Songs - undoubtedly, this song is a big highlight from the album and has this radio-friendly catchyness. I think it could easy be a top 40 summer hit even, if not a top 10 hit in N. America. And just to spit this one out - if there was to be a music video for this, it will definitely have Jade and Emiri by a beach with the blue-sky behind.

I can't think of any more singles for this album lol. I can only come up with three. And all of these picks were with the US/mainstream music industry in mind, little with the Japanese market while I think they'd like it a little less somewhat, 'cause I'm desperate for both these albums to be in the mainstream market. I could be wrong but these single picks would have been great if they were to promote mainstream in the US.
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Re: Singles you would have chosen for Eternity/Saint Vox

Postby John » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:49 am

I'm assuming that you were referring to physical/digital releases with music videos, but Wonderful World, I Will, Only Human, Don't Leave Me This Way, & No More Songs were all used in some way to promote the albums.

& if you're saying that Only Human would hit #1 on the Hot 100 in America, you've got to be kidding me. (If you're referring to Japan, sorry for my mistake.) Only Human's chorus just plain sucks. NOBODY in a club is gonna wanna dance to "we do what we do & we are what we are." As a dance song, OH fails, in my opinion. People would rather dance to Electric, Take The Night Off, Crush, Tuned Up, Addicted, etc.

For my picks (excluding the songs already used in reality: Wonderful World, Love, Only Human, I Will, Don't Leave Me This Way, No More Songs, We Fall):

For a dancier single, I'd say Vanity. Out of all the Eternity songs, it best expresses an urban, dancy song sampling classical music. The modern production & the classical sample are amazing!
For a ballad, I'd say Worth It All. In my opinion, it has the best lyrics out of any of the Eternity ballads, Nessun Dorma is a well-known classical piece, & the song showcases Jade's vocal abilities.

Saint Vox:
For a dancier song, I'd pick Take The Night Off. It's fun, it's catchy, it showcases the album's pop-electric-retro sound.
For a ballad, I'd say I'm There, even if it's a bonus track. I personally can never get enough of it. Its production & lyrics are touching & Jade's vocals are good in it.
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Re: Singles you would have chosen for Eternity/Saint Vox

Postby DayDream » Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:40 pm

That's a interesting Track, and well, as John said, the SAongs you've picked where mostly used to promote the album. (with short insights), particularly on youtube.

Okay, but here is my choice.


Considering which Songs are in the charts (and I don't really like the most of them), it'd be really great, to see some singles of the Eternity album storm the charts.
And I guess there are some Songs with a big Potential.

Change The World - this song sounds so familiar, just in my opinion, as I listened to it the first time, I started to like this song, and it has ran in my head at once. (And I should mention the fact, that it's my ringtone on my mobile phone right now, when I get a new message :D).

Vanity - Only the title of this song promise something and when you listen to it, it's like a music revolution in the Head. (I also consider what people, who I presented some of the songs, said about them).

No Apologies - As Ballad. It has such a Drama-Effect. Especially the last 30-40 seconds of this song promise to provoke shiver.

Saint Vox

I must confess that the "Saint Vox" album sounds very Japanese to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole album and the Influences they put on this album, but I guess the best songs (hypothetical) to become a single/music video realease were:

Remember September & Take The Night Off .
It doesn't means they are my favorites, but in this case, I'd like to have them as single-releases ;).
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Re: Singles you would have chosen for Eternity/Saint Vox

Postby ajrich17901 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:54 pm


1.So Deep
2.Worth It All
3.No Apologies
4.How Far

Jade Valerie Solo Stuff:

2.Like A Bird (Geo's Mix)
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