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Your Jade PV

Postby TopCat » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:23 pm

Well, no really new idea, but as Vasily started this over at the other thread, I remembered that we once had a topic like that (I think on the old SB forum). And as Jade has made many songs that would have been worth a video, we could at least think about how it could be like.

So here’re my (short yet) list for Eternity songs:

Vanity: scenes of a fashion show with over styled people in the audience and Jade singing in front of a mirror like Christina Aguilera did in the Lady Marmalade pv, just with a better hairstyle XD

I will: outtake scenes and Jade doing fun things like the short clips on the JV site with her on the beach and riding a bike.

So Deep: Jade running around in a spooky castle at night and sitting on her bad singing. When the sun rises in the morning she finally fells asleep.

Wonderful World: 2 small children playing with each other mixed with scenes of Jade like the “happy summer scenes” of Kuu’s Yume no Uta/ Futari De pvs

Well, not the greatest ideas but that came to my mind when I first listened to the songs.
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Postby John » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:35 pm

I have so many ideas for music videos, but I've only thought about songs that should have had videos (the "singles") like Life Is Cool, This Christmas, Here Comes The Sun, etc. I hate explaining my ideas, I wish the images in my head could transfer to my computer XD

I once wrote my ideas for a HCTS video. It basically consisted of Jade being in a house out in the country with the sun rising in the morning, it starts with Jade in bed, then getting ready for the day, & then her walking out on a country road, & eventually her reaching a cliff with the horizon with the sun rising. I could go into more detail but I don't feel like it right now XD If I could find my original post (if it were on this forum, then I'll link that)

This Christmas: scenes of Jade in a big city like New York during the holiday season just walking down the streets with snow & stuff, scenes of Jade in department stores doing Christmas shopping, & scenes of Jade at home doing Christmas decorating.

For non-"singles":

Goodbye: I picture Jade walking on the beach on a gloomy dark night just singing to herself, & then this later transitions to a scene of Jade on a high peak/cliff in tears & on her knees. At the "I wanna slash my wrists..." part, she would experience stigmata. The video would end with Jade just walking away in the distance.

Uh Lala: I always thought it would be cool if Jade dressed like a French maid for a video or performance of this song.
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Postby ALfromHELLSING » Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:28 pm

I wanted to make a topic like that with a poll where you can vote your favorite JADE PV, however poll options are very limited, so I wasn't able to create it... T_T

Thanks for creating it in this way. I like your So Deep PV idea. I can imagine something like Natalia Oreiro - Como te Olvido

@John Your version of Goodbye is interesting. But I dunno why I was always imagine JADE on a funeral on earth, than funeral in the sea throwing flowers in the sea. HEELL NO! It's not like I'm crazy about death,lol it's probably 'cause of this word Goodbye. Also I think something like this would be great as well. MISIA - ANY LOVE

Don't Push Me: would be like Kuu's show girl PV. With funny story and with dance scenes. I'd LOVE to see JADE dancing. ^^

Every Time: JADE in kimono like Kuu was in Aisho. I've seen JADE in kimono she looked so gorgeous!! <3 And I think there might be some kind of LOVE story, as in Aisho there wasn't any. Ph, maybe like in Ayu's pert of Me.

Human Sacrifice: should be something like Lighter Shade Of Blue, but in a different place and with a different story.

I need to think about other songs some more...
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Postby TopCat » Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:02 pm

John wrote: I hate explaining my ideas, I wish the images in my head could transfer to my computer XD

I know, it’s sometimes hard to put your imagination into words so that other people can „see“ what you’re imagining. And yeah, I remember your HCTS idea now.

Alucard wrote: wanted to make a topic like that with a poll where you can vote your favorite JADE PV, however poll options are very limited, so I wasn't able to create it...

You can still put up a voting about the real pvs. :)

Some more, I've nothing better to do atm :wink: :

Beautiful Girl: ok, it’s very stereotype XD Jade gets dumped by her boyfriend for another woman (you know, that kind of pretty, popular but arrogant girl you’re supposed to hate in Hollywood movies), she’s angry and upset, maybe smashes something against a wall. Than she goes for a walk in the park with her dog. The dog runs to some guy and makes his clothes dirty or something like that. Jade walks over to him to excuse but he’s not angry, they talk and exchange phone numbers.

Like a bird: Our favourite Jade scene I guess, Jade at a cliff, this time with the rough sea in the back and her walking on the beach watching the sea spray, mixed with scenes of a single seabird flying and you see out of the bird's perspective the ocean and a far away island.

Remember: That’s my graveyard pv. All black and white and Jade singing in front of a fresh grave, maybe putting some flowers down. There should also be some scenes where she remembers the person that has died.

Pride: The very first time I heard Pride I imagined Jade (wearing a long, white gown) walking over a left behind ancient battlefield with wasted land as far as you can see. I would mix this with scenes of the victory celebrations, but looking closer, you’ll see that the great warlord is alone among his kind, he walks away and nobody seems to miss him. In the end he sits all alone in his richly decorated room.
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Postby ALfromHELLSING » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:44 am

^You should be director of these PV's!! As I really like your PV's ideas.
Pride is my favorite PV's version from you! I'd LOVE to see JADE in that gown! <3

Ooh, I wish I could, but I can't put that voting 'cause of little poll options. Limit is just too short to add all JADE PV's in one poll... I hope on new forum I'll be able to make a thread like that. :twisted:

My Like A Bird PV also has this scene on the cliff, but in the end of PV. First time I heard it I imagined her driving car on a long road, but not without any stops like in Ayu's NEXT LEVEL. It's like she had fight in the beginning of PV with somebody then said to that person "**** you" and jumped in the car. On that road she would make a few stops seeing happy, lonely, sad people. And in the end she jump out of the cliff, her car falls in water but JADE flies on her wings in sky, yeah Like A Bird.

Bold and Delicious: It won't be like Ayu's PV. I imagined JADE being a really bad ass in it. She's walking on the street and pushing, kicking, slapping glamorous chicks and guys. XD Crush PV should be something like that.

Damn: JADE is in church praying. She's praying to GOD, but then dirty priest comes and saying her that she's too GUILTY too be in that church. She's asking him to let her stay and pray however he's grabbing her and trying to drag her out of the church. However doors are closing in front of him and church is starting to shake. Scared priest running away. Then JADE finish praying comes to doors they opens before her and she walks away...

To be continued...
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Postby graceland » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:16 pm

i would really like to see love and vanity into a pv. Love showing cupid not giving jade what she wants, being difficult. Vanity. jade being back in the 1800's and being tottaly extreme.
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Postby Taotrac » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:42 pm

For Vanity, I thought of Jade being on pretty much a orchestra stage, with a bunch of back-up dancers, doing some movements to the music. Then once the lyrics start, a close-up to Jade sitting on the back of a piano, crossing her legs, with one of them swaying back and forth with the music like a clock, (and her hair would be blonde xD) and Geo could be playing the piano if he wanted. I'de also include some scenes with Geo playing keyboards, drums, whatever he'd want to do. It'd pretty much just be on the stage with the scenes switching from Jade + Geo, to Jade and some backup dancers.

For I Will, I imagine it starting with Jade riding in a white horse-pulled carriage, in a wall-less white room with white feathers falling all around, Jade being in a slightly gothy-esque make up and a wedding dress, with her groom tied up in the seat next to her. As the video goes on, she chases him in various funny scenes, and at the end of the video, her groom wakes up in his changing room to find a beautiful normal Jade smiling and telling him it's almost time, and he realizes it was a dream.
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Postby ALfromHELLSING » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:51 pm

^Hehe very interesting PV for I Will. I'd love to see funny scenes with JADE. :D
*I Will now playing*

And as for Blond Jade... PLEASE LET HER BE BROWN HAIRED a little longer!! XD
Or at least for this project, even though I really LOVED her blond in ADDICTED & JADE VALERIE era. And have JV wall on my desktop atm.
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Postby Sunshine » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:01 pm

PV for Don’t push me: Jade is in a cage singing and you see her arguing with a man. In the end, Jade walks away and he’s in the cage.

PV for Life is so cool: A Jade sits in her dark room watching a glass-ball. In the glassball you can see a beautiful landscape with lot of flowers and butterflies and a happy Jade singing.

PV for Ladies Night: Jade and her friends style up and go to a club

PV for Show me: Jade is in futuristic room with dancers that perform a coreography.
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Re: Your Jade PV

Postby DayDream » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:53 pm

I like every of your ideas <3. It's so creative and imagine some PV's isn't easy, if you consider that it should fit to Jade and the Songs also. But I'll try my best :). I wanna pick Songs by Sweetbox, Jade, and the projects Eternity 8 and also Saint Vox (:. First I start with the classic... Sweetbox.

So Damned ~ Even if it is a rare track I really want to see a PV. It's a "lick-me-on-the-ass- song (like "Human Sacrifice" ♥ and sorry for my direct choice of words :S). ... Maybe you see a fast car on the highway (a cabrio) with Jade in it... she gots a pokerface and inbetween you'll see pictures of her & a man, than it switch to him and his new "bitch" :D.
Would be good...

Lacrimosa ~ Because I love this emotions in this song, I'd love to see a video of this track. Jade walking in a empty old house, which looks as it's haunting there... many (burning) candles around her and then you'll see her in front of a sea, that's next to the mansion... She in front of this sea, her reflection's clear, and she has tears in her eyes, running down her face, sink in the Water.

Piano in the Dark ~ Jade is sitting on a Piano, playing this instrument and it's midnight, while stars are above. And the piano stands on a beach, the ocean waves are breeze...

Now I'll try my best with Jade's solo-song... :D

We can Run ~ A long route in the desert... you can see that it's hot, cause the sun is shining, but Jade still goes on the way... (it's hard to explain what I thought for a clip to this song).

Eternity 8 :

Change the World ~ I think this should be a black-white scenario. Jade is going across a crowd in a city, a huge place, but there isn't much space. Just the colours of Jade's clothes (maybe they're red) are visible. Anyone is looking unsure, busy and sad. Just Jade looks self-confident...

No Apologies ~ There should be a Orchestra in a Concert Hall and Jade goes around them.

Saint Vox:

Remember September ~ A empty room, just Jade, sitting in the corner of it and a calender is hanging on the wall, which shows the paper of september-dates. Then she walks outside the room, in a big garden, where you can see autumn Features.

Electric ~ Also hard to explain. Everything with much Electricity (and if it's just in the background).

Oh, I guess I'd have more ideas, but I think I'm not able to write them all down right now :D.
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