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FORUM RULES (Updated 15th July 2009)

Postby njanjayrp » Thu Aug 17, 2006 6:37 pm

The Golden Rules:

[1] Any post that is off-topic or contributes nothing useful or interesting to a thread is considered to be spam. Most spam posts will be moved or deleted. Spam includes posts that only contain emoticons*.
* only contain a short message, such as "LOL" or "hello."

[2] Members should respect others, and avoid making derogatory comments or giving rude treatment "flaming". Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In case you have something to discuss with another member please use PMs. Any form of bashing of members or other artists is also forbidden. Member bashing based on their sexual preferences, gender, religious or political views is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant life time ban!

[3] If your avatar or signature size messes the page, they'll be deleted, do it twice & you'll get banned. It is also suggested that you DO NOT use filelodge for hosting of avvy/signature as from time to time there is an advertisement that appears and messes the appearance of the boards. Other alternative are Photobucket or imageshack .

[4] Do not DOUBLE POST, use the EDIT button. (This does not apply if a user is adding new information to an inactive thread and they were the last to post in that thread).

[5] Any account found to be posting / having an inappropriate link in their profile will be subject to IMMEDIATE DELETION including people with e-mail addresses that include the word SPAM or similar!

[6] Uploading of albums, singles or individual tracks that are available legally (i.e. can be purchased) IS NOT PERMITTED (besides when the the track leaks before the actual release - the track won't be deleted until the album/single is released). This doesn't apply to the tracks only available digitally in Japan and/or South Korea. If found doing so, posts will be deleted and warning given. Subsequent offenses will result in banning and/or account deletion. The same applies to those asking for individual tracks. ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING DOES NOT HELP SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS!!

If in doubt, contact a member of Team Jade.

[7] If you already have an active account do not open a new one without PMing a Team Jade member first, in case you've forgot your password we can reset it for you. In case you wish to open a new account please inform us so we could delete the old one, having multiple accounts is forbidden.

Corrective Action: We (Team Jade) have the right to edit/delete your posts/account or deny your access to this board.

Thanks, Nem
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